Duties of a Server

Duties of a Server

The Thurifer will carry the Thurible and have it ready as required during the Liturgy.  Care must always be taken as charcoal is used in the Thurible which reaches extremely high temperatures.

The Crucifer carries the Processional Cross at the head of the procession.

The Acolytes carry candles at the beginning and end of Mass, as well as at the Gospel.   They also act as Servers for the Preparation of the Altar and the ablutions.

The Boat-Bearer holds the boat which contains Incense that is used in the Thurible. It is their duty to make sure that the boat is available when required by the Priest.

The MC has holds the Mass book for the Priest during the Liturgy. It is the MC 's responsibility to make sure that the book is open on the correct page and is held in such a way that the Priest can read it with ease.   They also oversee the other Servers in their duties and prompt then when necessary.