Deanery Prayers

Free river - Vector ArtThanksgivings and Prayers

Gravesend Deanery

August and September 2022

 He makes me lie down in green pastures,

He leads me by the still waters.    Psalm 23




A message for all of us from Nigel Bourne, Area Dean


We begin this late summer period with endings leading to a time (we hope!) of recreation, but this will soon move into autumn and expectations (and anxieties!) of new beginnings. Another school term and year is over but a new one will soon begin. One Prime Minister is completing his tenure but a new premiership will start. Covid at its worst is (again, we hope) behind us and the new normal is beginning to emerge. Please pray that we will be listening to God's word for us and for our church schools; for imaginative ways to engage all our parishes with our two church secondary schools - one of which (at Alkerden) is being built! Pray too for preparations for the autumn's Deanery Confirmation Service and the Deanery Course "Hearing God's Word". Thanks for all you do and may we all be refreshed to face all that lies ahead - "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).



St George’s School

As we give thanks at the end of the school year, we pray for rest and refreshment; for new beginnings in September;  for Steve Carey and all the staff; for students, parents and carers; for Governors; for Trudi Oliver, the School Chaplain.


St Aidan, Gravesend

We give thanks for this parish of St Aidan, as we celebrate our Patronal Festival. Pray for the safety of all who travel during these holiday months

Pray for our schools, nursery schools, pupils, staff and governors at the beginning of another scholastic year

Pray for an expansion of our work with children

For our government and for our new Prime Minister when appointed

For areas of the world where there continues to be unrest and bloodshed.

For Michael and Amy Payne and the PCC


All Saints, Perry Street

Pray for the growth of the church and people coming forward to do jobs, so that our outreach may expand and reach a greater number of people.

Pray that all may be able to relax and enjoy holidays, returning renewed and ready to face the coming months.

We pray for Fr Clive, Fr Simon and all who minister to us that they may renew in us a desire to grow closer to our Lord Jesus.

Fr James and Fr Simon, Wardens and the PCC and for Fr Clive


St John, Higham with Merston

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for August and September

For Fr Clive, Churchwardens and PCC


Huggens College, Northfleet

We give thanks for the community of the College, the residents of the 30 bungalows, the members of staff and their families, and the College Trustees.

For new residents in the College, Colin and Charlotte Darlington.

For the chapel, its regular pattern of worship and the fellowship that flows from this.

For College Chaplain Philip Davies and for Julia Davies.


Holy Family, Gravesend

Give thanks for two new families who have joined our church.

For Ruth and Sylvia, our churchwardens, in their responsibilities.

For our Mother and Toddler Group, meeting on Friday afternoons in term time, as we look forward to welcoming new members to the group in September.

Pray for guidance for our PCC.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst; Church Wardens Ruth and Sylvia and the PCC


St Margaret, Ifield

Give thanks for Kent Fire and Rescue Services for their swift response to a crop fire perilously close to our churchyard and   church.

For our fundraising plans and for good weather for the Garden Party end of July.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst, Chris Benson and the PCC and Carey Laughland



St Botolph, Northfleet

Give thanks and praise for Fr Cyril’s continuing recovery.

Pray for days of rest and refreshment from schools, workplaces and day-to- day tasks, that we meet September renewed in energy and with enthusiasm to follow our God.

Pray for Shane and Penny as they prepare for ‘Ride and Stride’ on 10th September.

For the St Botolph’s Civic Service on 18th September; for the Mayor and Mayoress.

Pray for our world, in the midst of climate change and for peace, especially for Ukraine.

For Fr Cyril and Dennishia; Church Wardens Pauline and Wendy and the PCC


St Mark, Rosherville

We pray for our local schools, Rosherville Primary and Northfleet Nursery as they prepare for the summer break. 

Pray that pupils, teachers, and support staff enjoy a good break. 

We give thanks for our church and our local community; for our local shops, and for the Arriva bus garage. 

We pray that the people who work there are shown respect by their customers. 

We give thanks that Fr Cyril is getting better and is slowly easing back to work. 

We pray for Rosaline and David Scott who have supported us during his illness.

For Fr Cyril and Dennishia; Church Wardens Keith and Sarah and the PCC

Christ Church, Milton

Pray for members of Christ Church, preparing for Confirmation later this year; that as they prepare for this significant event in their faith journey they may know God's blessing and guidance.

Give thanks for all who contribute to the Food bank and pray for those for whom the Foodbank is a vital life line in their time of need.

Pray for the Teddy Bears Picnic (10th Aug and MU Tea @ 3 (17th Aug)  that both events will be well supported, with good weather and enjoyable times of fellowship and fun.

Andrew and Alison Davey, Jacqueline Littlewood, Wardens and the PCC


St George, Gravesend

We pray for good rest and refreshment over the summer break.  For safety in travel, and especially thinking of those who cannot afford a break or who will find the summer weeks difficult. 

We pray for Revd Mark as he will be Priested in September, and then preside at the Eucharist for the first time.

Continued prayers for our Confirmation groups in their learning and reflecting.

Pray for Katie and Michael getting married in September.

Prayers for our new youth group.

Jim and Sarah Fletcher, Mark and Natalie Edwards, Emma Oliver, Ministry Team and PCC


St Mary, Chalk

Give thanks for a joyful Village Fete after a 2 year gap. We are grateful for all who volunteered to help and for all who came.

Pray for ‘Hearing God's Word’; those leading or attending; may those who have never been on such a course be encouraged to take this opportunity and challenge.

Pray that a quieter August will bring relaxation and renewal.

For school children, especially those struggling; also for those who are lonely.

Pray for regular activities restarting at the Parish Hall in September – Take a Break, Loaves and Fishes, Youth group and Preschool.

For Nigel & Sue Bourne, and for the PCC, for Nigel in his role as Area Dean.


St Mary, Wrotham Road

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for August and September.

For Trudi and Shaun Oliver and the PCC


St Mary, Greenhithe

We give thanks for grants received, enabling us to appoint a Project and Fundraising Co-ordinator for ‘Mary’s Child’ Charity in this area, and the launch of the Digital Poverty Project. Please pray for Jude Andrews as she takes up the post of Co-ordinator in early August. Our Wednesday morning Community Café attracts many from the local area and the Walk for Health Group, leaving from the Café, has recently grown in numbers.

We thank God for this blessing, praying for opportunities to introduce folk to the Good News and that God will draw them into His Kingdom.

For Charlie and Gareth Lloyd-Evans, Mandy and Jen, Ben and Rod and the PCC.


St Peter & St Paul, Milton

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for August and September.

For Graham and Linda Herbert and the PCC.




St Peter and St Paul, Shorne

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for August and September.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst and the PCC


St Peter and St Paul, Swanscombe

We thank God for our priest in charge Rev Charlie, her husband Gareth and family.We give thanks for the maintenance team at Swanscombe and for all the work they do, both in our church and hall. We pray that we are able to source funding to do the much needed repairs to our Norman font.

For Charlie and Gareth Lloyd-Evans, Jean Budgen, Church Wardens and the PCC.



Heavenly Father,

Bless each parish, church and school in our Gravesend Deanery

to build us up for the blessing of this area and for your glory.

Help our leaders, ordained and lay, and help us all to work together

and know the fruit of your Holy Spirit in our lives;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.