Deanery Prayers

Thanksgivings and Prayers

Gravesend Deanery

June and July  2022  


A message for all of us from Nigel Bourne, Area Dean.

As we approach the Jubilee, holidays and the time of exams (and much of life in general!), while there is much to celebrate, we are conscious too of tiredness and hugely testing times ahead as well as behind. The Sunday of the Jubilee weekend is Pentecost; at the coronation the Queen was anointed for her role and received the Bible as "... the most valuable thing that this world affords ... These are the lively Oracles of God." We too are always in need of the anointing/comforting/challenging power of the Spirit and the word of God. May your celebrations be many and great and may you be blessed, energised and directed to be a great blessing to others. 


St George’s School

For exams, for decisions and all to come; for Steve Carey and all the staff; for students, parents and carers; for Governors; for Trudi Oliver, the School Chaplain.


St Aidan, Gravesend

We unite with all who are praying for peace in Ukraine.

We give thanks for our Sunday School, praying for  leaders, the children who attend and their families and Little Rainbows. For young people sitting exams at this time and those who teach them.

We give thanks for the increased attendance at our services, for newcomers to our fellowship and those who ‘run our church’.

We pray for our Royal Family and the events planned to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

We give thanks for all who so readily give of their time to 'run our church', 

For Michael and Amy Payne and the PCC


All Saints, Perry Street

Pray for Fr Clive our Priest in charge designate as he settles into life here.
We pray that people will be inspired to increase the church’s mission to meet the needs of the Parish; for the new members who are joining us, that they will find spiritual refreshment.
We pray for the new PCC and wardens that their work may be fruitful.

Fr James and Fr Simon, Wardens and the PCC and for Fr Clive


St John, Higham with Merston

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for June and July.

For Fr Clive, Priest in charge designate, Churchwardens and PCC


Huggens College, Northfleet

We give thanks for the community of the College, the residents of the 30 bungalows, the members of staff and their families, and the College Trustees.

For our gathering together for a ploughman`s lunch for Christian Aid Week.

For the special service and celebrations planned for the Queen`s Platinum Jubilee.

For the chapel, its regular pattern of worship and fellowship that flows from this.

For College Chaplain Philip Davies and for Julia Davies.


Holy Family, Gravesend

For the newly elected PCC and Church Wardens.

For the Nursery School and leaders, meeting in the hall three times a week.

Pray for the outreach of the church into the kings Farm community

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst; Church Wardens Ruth and Sylvia and the PCC


St Margaret, Ifield

Give thanks and pray for the volunteer team managing our Churchyard maintenance, especially as everything is bursting with growth ! 

For our fundraising plans

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst, Chris Benson and the PCC and Carey Laughland


St Botolph, Northfleet

Give thanks for our Queen, that God will richly bless her. Pray for our Jubilee events; the street party Strawberry Tea on Saturday 4th June, for our community.

Give thanks for the lifetime of Ministry of Revd Joe King a he ‘retires’ as our Honorary Curate. Pray for Joe, Pat and their family and for the service and lunch for him at St Botolph’s.

We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine, praying  for them daily.

For the new Mayor Peter Scollard and Mayoress Julie; for their family and for their year of service to Gravesham that they may make a difference in all they do.

Pray for Marion in her role as Mayor’s Chaplain, that God will guide her.

For Fr Cyril and Dennishia; Church Wardens Pauline and Wendy and the PCC

St Mark, Rosherville

Loving Father we give thanks for our church and our community; for our Ministry team and the inspiring services they give us each Sunday.  We pray for Rosaline now that she is fully licensed and starts her ministry in the parish.  We pray for the PCC, especially the new members, at our first meeting next week.  Guide their thoughts and actions with your love in their hearts. Loving God you know all that the world is facing now.  We pray for peace, especially in Ukraine.  Guide our leaders and give them wisdom to rule fairly and justly. 

For Fr Cyril and Dennishia; Church Wardens Keith and Sarah and the PCC


Christ Church, Milton

Pray for the Lord's provision as we seek to begin fundraising for the renovation of our hall roof.

Celebrate with us at Pentecost (June 5th)  and pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon us all

As we mark the seventieth anniversary of the Queen's reign, give thanks for her loyal service to our nation and pray the Lord's blessing on our Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

As Jesus called the twelve disciples, so we pray for those who may feel that God is calling them to the ordained or lay ministry, that he would affirm this in them. 

Andrew and Alison Davey, Jacqueline Littlewood, Wardens and the PCC


St George, Gravesend

We give thanks for the Queen’s Jubilee, for 70 years of service to our nation and pray for all the Town’s Jubilee celebrations and a joining together of our community. We rejoice in our Pentecost celebrations and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us. We pray for our Summer Fayre; bringing  our community together

Thank you, Lord, for those who were elected at our recent APCM and will serve our Church in positions of responsibility.

For our new Mayor Peter, and Chaplain, Marion; for our work with the local Council.

We pray for those preparing for Confirmation as we start a new course

For our Parish and local schools and the end of the academic year.  Many will have end of year services in Church.

Jim and Sarah Fletcher, Mark and Natalie Edwards, Emma Oliver, Ministry Team and PCC


St Mary, Chalk

Give thanks for the relaxing of Covid-19 guidance regarding church services and worship.

Give thanks for Loaves and Fishes in its various forms; pray for continuing blessings and outreach to families.

Pray for those elected to serve as churchwardens, treasurer and PCC members, may they be given wisdom, health and vision.

Pray for those recently married.

Pray for our Village Fete plans to develop and result in a fruitful event (16th July).

For Nigel & Sue Bourne, and for the PCC, for Nigel in his role as Area Dean.


St Mary, Wrotham Road

We pray for our Queen.

We pray for the people of the Ukraine; give thanks for people’s generosity.

For Messy Church, Sunday School and children’s activities through the summer months.

For the Ellenor Hospice; amazing nurses and dedicated doctors and Chaplains.

For Trudi and Shaun Oliver and the PCC



St Mary, Greenhithe

We give thanks for Rev Charlie’s ministry and pray for good health for her, and for God’s enabling and anointing, as she works within both parishes and for the Diocese.

Our LLM, Jen, has begun her two month Sabbatical. Please pray that God will guide her in her studies and in what she does as she has this ‘time out’ to focus on the future of her ministry.

Please pray that each member of St.Mary’s will be emboldened to share the reality of God in their lives with family, friends and neighbours.

For Charlie and Gareth Lloyd-Evans, Mandy and Jen, Ben and Rod and the PCC.


St Peter & St Paul, Milton

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for June and July.

For Graham and Linda Herbert and the PCC.


St Peter and St Paul, Shorne

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for June and July.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst and the PCC


St Peter and St Paul, Swanscombe

We pray for Rev Charlie and her family as she continues to work and minister in our parish.

We ask for prayers for our churchwardens, treasurer, PCC secretary and PCC as they begin another year of service to our church.

We thank God for all the beauty that spring and summer bring and we pray that our Edible Garden will continue to flourish throughout the forthcoming summer months.

For Charlie and Gareth Lloyd-Evans, Jean Budgen,Church Wardens and the PCC.


Heavenly Father,

Bless each parish, church and school in our Gravesend Deanery

to build us up for the blessing of this area and for your glory.

Help our leaders, ordained and lay, and help us all to work together

and know the fruit of your Holy Spirit in our lives;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Gravesham Street and School Pastors

For the teams of Street Pastors patrolling on Friday and Saturday nights. Pray for School Pastors, and for the students they meet; for the wellbeing training being planned and give thanks for the day time ministry in Gravesend Market. We would like to especially mention Priscilla McBean, who stepped down as chair at our AGM in May. She has handed over to our new chair Jordan Meade. Please pray for the new Management Team as we will be looking to God for strength in the coming months.