Deanery Prayers

Thanksgivings and Prayers

Gravesend Deanery

October and November 2021



Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.      Jeremiah 29v12


 A Deanery Prayer from our Area Dean


Heavenly Father,

Bless each parish, church and school in our Gravesend Deanery

to build us up for the blessing of this area and for your glory.

Help our leaders, ordained and lay, and help us all to work together

and know the fruit of your Holy Spirit in our lives;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


St George’s School

For Steve Carey and all the staff; for students, parents and carers; for this school year; for new students and those moving on to further education. For Governors; for Trudi Oliver, the School Chaplain.


St Aidan, Gravesend

We pray for farmers and all those in the food supply chain as we mark Harvest in uncertain times.

We remember with thanksgiving those who fell in time of war, and pray for the safety of those on active service in HM armed forces today.

We pray for the COP26 climate summit- may it deliver genuine goals for nations to address the climate emergency.

For Michael and Amy Payne and the PCC



All Saints, Perry Street

Give thanks for the gradual opening up and resumption of normal services and beginnings of social events.

Pray for the growth of our monthly Messy Church and Little Lambs as they encourage youngsters to explore church.

Pray that the number of Covid cases in Gravesend will decrease.

Fr James and Fr Simon, Wardens and the PCC



Huggens College, Northfleet

We give thanks to God for the community of the College, for Trustees and for Heather moving to Scotland to be closer to her family; for Sue who has recently moved to join the College.

For the upcoming vacancy and the new Collegians to move in soon.

For the Chaplain, Fr Ian, (and Madeleine his wife), retiring after 38 years as a priest, the final two of which spent in ministry to Huggens College.

Please pray for the new Chaplain; (at the time of writing interviews are to take place) and for the College during the interregnum.

For those priests and Collegians as they cover services during the interregnum.

For Ian and Madeleine Finn


Holy Family, Gravesend

For our outreach to the Parish and our Thursday Tea each week.

For our Mother and Toddler Group meeting every Friday afternoon.

For preparations ans planning for the Christmas Fair on 4th December 11am-2pm.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst, Church Wardens and PCC


St Margaret, Ifield

For the PCC, as a safe solution is sought for ongoing churchyard maintenance issues.

Pray for Ted Hurst and his well- being as he becomes ever familiar with managing both our Benefice and Shorne Parish.

We give thanks for generous financial support of our August garden party and 'Ride and Stride’ day.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst, Chris Benson and the PCC and Carey Laughland


St Botolph, Northfleet

Give thanks for ‘September Stewardship Month’, as we have looked at our gifts and talents and how they may best be nurtured and used. by God

Give thanks for generous responses to our fundraising for Parish funds and charities, including Macmillan. Pray for St Botolph’s School, and for the 20 pupils Confirmed in September.

For the uniformed groups and other organizations opening up in our hall, that those attending will begin to enjoy this new freedom in a safe way.

For Fr Cyril and Dennishia; Church Wardens Pauline and Wendy and the PCC

St Mark, Rosherville

We give thanks to God that our church is open again.  Our church family are grateful and happy to be able to praise the Lord and share fellowship together, and to welcome some new members to our number.  We pray for Fr Cyril and Marion as they now conduct two services each Sunday. Give them strength and sustain them.  We pray for Afghanistan where life has changed so suddenly for so many people, particularly women and young girls, and pray that world leaders will work together to find a resolution and end their plight.

For Fr Cyril and Dennishia; Church Wardens Keith and Sarah and the PCC




Christ Church, Milton

In this harvest season, pray for farmers and agricultural workers and give thanks to God for the abundance of the gifts he so freely gives.

'Lest we forget'. We give thanks for and remember those who, in times past, laid down their lives for this country in time of war. We thank God for them and pray that their sacrifice was not in vain and will never be forgotten.

Pray that as the season of Advent approaches, we may be ready during this time, to reflect upon and prepare for the arrival of God's most precious gift, the birth of his only son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Andrew and Alison Davey, Jacqueline Littlewood, Wardens and the PCC


St George, Gravesend

We pray for our ministry in local schools and for school governors amongst us.

For the restarting of our Café Church.

For our PCC and Ministry Team as we pray around a new Vision for the Parish.

Praying for those remembering loved ones at our Departed Loved Ones service.

For those being baptised over this period.

Praying for those settling-in at Universities.

Jim and Sarah Fletcher, Mark and Natalie, Emma Oliver, Ministry Team and PCC


St Mary, Chalk

Give thanks for the celebratory barbecue (early Sept); May we each remember  that “the joy of the Lord is my strength”.

Pray for the lonely and give thanks that ‘Take a Break’ coffee morning has restarted. Give thanks for the successes of Loaves and Fishes, pray for growth and developments. Pray for the practical and mission plans regarding the Barns.

Pray for wisdom in an ever-changing and uncertain world that we find ourselves .

For Nigel & Sue Bourne, and for the PCC


St Mary, Wrotham Road

For all our plans for October and November.

We give thanks for all God’s blessings, and pray for our church, congregation and community.

For Trudi and Shaun Oliver and the PCC


St Mary, Greenhithe

We give thanks for the volunteers who gave of their time and talents and did a great job redecorating our Church Hall; continued prayer is needed for the finances to complete our other Quinquennial repairs.  

Our Mums and Toddlers group, ‘Sticky Fingers’ has re-started. Please pray for enough volunteers for outreach ministries to grow and thrive.  

Praise God for those Confirmed on Sunday 12th September, including five young people from SMG, and pray for continued growth in their walk with Him. 

For Charlie and Gareth Lloyd-Evans, Mandy and Jen and the PCC.


St Peter & St Paul, Milton

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for October and November.

For Graham and Linda Herbert and the PCC.


St Peter and St Paul, Shorne

For our congregation and parish; for all the plans for October and November.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst and the PCC


St Peter and St Paul, Swanscombe

We give thanks to God for all we have as we celebrate this time of harvest.

We pray and give thanks for the ministry of Rev Charlie and Rev Jean as they go about their work in the parish.

We pray for God’s blessing on our new ‘Baby and Me’ group which will begin next month and we ask for God’s blessings as we begin Sunday School again after an 18 month break.

For Charlie and Gareth Lloyd-Evans, Church Wardens and the PCC.



Gravesham Street and School Pastors
For Street Pastors as they resume patrols in Gravesend.  We are looking for volunteers; pray that God will raise up new Street and Prayer Pastors. Visit us on the web to find out more. 

For our plans for patrols on Friday afternoons.

Pray for School Pastors, in this new school year.

For Steve Banks, Street Pastors’ Co-ordinator, for Ruth Field, School Pastors’ Co-ordinator,  the Management Team and Priscilla as Chair.