The Sacrament of Reconcillation, also known as Confession could be, a vital means of opening our lives to the life of God. Rather than thinking of it as a recitation of sins, perhaps it would be worth reflecting on the Confession of Life.

Confession of praise:

  • acknowledging / admitting the role of God in the whole of my life
  • rejoicing in my gifts and abilities, family and friends
  • giving thanks for the good things received

Confession of sins:

  • acknowledging / admitting where I exclude God from my life
  • admitting desires which tend away from God
  • admitting areas of shortcomings

As a consequence, one may know both what to praise God for, and what to confess. Confession is available to all who desire it; please contact Parish Administrator Martin Hill on t: 07756 736 548 or e: if you wish to arrange a time to make your Confession.