Deanery Prayers

Thanksgivings and Prayers

Gravesend Deanery

June and July 2020



Gravesend Deanery


The Lord is my light and my salvation—so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?  Psalm 27v1


From the Area Dean:

Pray for humility to listen to what God is saying to us.

Pray for all who are hurting or struggling and for all our clergy and lay leaders, especially in those parishes without an incumbent. 

Give thanks for all who are trying to help and for the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for wisdom and guidance for all making strategic decisions both nationally and in our local churches and all schools in our parishes (not least those in the Aletheia Trust).

Pray for practical matters of finance and safety, especially in reopening and using our buildings and for spiritual matters, that we and all Christians will be increasingly ready and willing to respond to the needs of our world and area - listening, praying, speaking and in the offering of our lives.

For Nigel Bourne in his role as Area Dean


St George’s School

For Steve Carey and all the staff, in whatever capacity; for students, parents and carers; for Chair of Governors, John Harding, and the Governors; for Trudi Oliver, School Chaplain as we give thanks for the care and support provided for them and by them all.


St Aidan, Gravesend

We give thanks for the glorious Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the season of Pentecost when we remember and celebrate the birth of the Church. As churches do things differently for a while, we pray that the Spirit will guide and protect us, that we may be spiritually communicant with Christ whilst we cannot receive the sacraments.

We pray for our communities, nation and the wider world during this pandemic- may lessons be heeded regarding humanity's treatment of wildlife and help us to understand the development of these viruses.

We pray for those awaiting baptism, confirmation, holy matrimony and ordination- grant them patience and comfort in waiting.

For Michael and Amy Payne and the PCC


All Saints, Perry Street

We pray for all who are anxious at this time especially those finding lockdown and social isolation difficult.
We pray for all who have lost loved ones, for all who work to support them, for their friends and families.
We pray for all who feel cut off from God at this time of closed churches and for all who are trying to support their church family in any way they can.
We pray for all in the NHS and other key workers who are risking their lives to help others.
We pray for the priest you are preparing to come to us and give thanks for all who are giving their time to support us.

For all priests, PCC and Wardens


Huggens College, Northfleet

We thank God that Collegians have stayed well over the lockdown period.  

For the opportunities lockdown has given to rediscover our College grounds, our college community, and being able to still meet with friends in College, but at a distance.

Pray for families and friends who have not been able to visit.

For those who do not have, or cannot use, technology to keep in touch with loved ones.

Thanksgiving for those who deliver supplies, food, medicines and post into College, especially to those who are vulnerable and shielding.

For those in College who are afraid at this time and live with great anxiety for themselves and family.

Thanks to those who remain on College site and continue to work hard for Collegians; Chaplain and Lodge keeper, keeping college safe, clean and tidy and helping with issues of lockdown.

Pray that we shall soon be able to socialise again and worship together in Chapel.

For Ian and Madeleine Finn


Holy Family, Gravesend

For our Bishop and politicians and all who take responsibility for decisions which affect us all.

For those suffering in body, mind and spirit as a result of the virus or restrictions.

For school staff as they manage the return to school of some pupils.

Give thanks for all the imaginative ways in which the church has been able to maintain prayer, worship and good works.

For Richard and Gill Martin, Wardens and the PCC


St Margaret, Ifield  

Give thanks for modern means of communication which enables our being, praying and worshipping together in different ways.

For all working in Hospitals and doctors surgeries,  or  connected in any way to the ministry of healing

 For our fellowship together.

For Richard and Gill Martin, Carey, Church Warden Chris Benson and the PCC


St Botolph, Northfleet

Pray for all those who are anxious and distressed at this time.
Pray for all the Health Professionals and Key workers.
Give thanks for longer, brighter days to lift the spirits of all at this time.

For pupils, staff and parents at all our schools, working for the safe ways to provide education and support.

For our congregation and our community in Northfleet.

For Fr Cyril and Denneshia; Church Wardens Pauline and Wendy and the PCC
St Mark, Rosherville

We pray for Marion and Fr Cyril as they continue to minister to our church family and the wider community.  And we thank God for giving them the strength to do this.  Sustain and keep them safe O Lord.

We pray for workers returning to work as the lock-down eases slightly.  We pray for guidance to their employers so that they think carefully about how they can keep their workers safe and confident in the workplace.

We also pray for our local schools as they contemplate reopening and trying to work out how to keep staff and pupils safe.

We pray for our Government, guide their thinking O Lord that they be wise, thoughtful and careful and provide good governance and strong leadership for our country.

For Fr Cyril and Denneshia; Church Warden Steve and the PCC

Christ Church, Milton

Give thanks that although we are not able to worship together at this time as a church family, we are united through our prayer for each other and through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our help and our salvation.

Thank you Lord for the way in which communities have come together during these difficult times and for the many acts of kindness shown to so many.

Let us remember all key workers for their selfless contribution to the life of our country at this time. May the Lord bless and keep them in his love now and always.

.Jacqueline Littlewood, Wardens and the PC

St George, Gravesend

We pray for the people, ministry team and PCC of St George’s as we work through this pandemic crisis.  Lord, be with us in moments of isolation, grief and sadness.  We pray for those coping with the loss of loved ones, jobs and finances.  We pray for school children especially those who would have been taking exams.  And Lord, keep safe all teachers, staff and schoolchildren as they begin to return to school.  We pray for all keyworkers in this crisis and give thanks for our wonderful and incredible NHS

Jim and Sarah Fletcher, the PCC, Ministry Team and newly formed Vision Team


St Mary, Chalk

Give thanks for all who have volunteered to help in many ways, old and new.

Give thanks for the technology enabling new people to hear of Jesus and his love, and pray for wisdom in its use now and in the future.

Pray for wisdom in use of our resources/contacts, especially our barns and relationships with individuals and groups using our hall.

For Nigel & Sue Bourne and the PCC


St Mary, Wrotham Road

Pray for our congregation and parish.

For Trudi and Shaun Oliver and the PCC


St Mary, Greenhithe

Please pray for God’s will, and timing, for the advertising and interviewing process and the appointment of our new Priest in Charge.

We pray for continued wisdom and encouragement for our PCC, Church Wardens and LLMs and for all in a leadership role in the Church of England.

Praise God for the Internet and the opportunities for ‘Church Online’ and pray for the continued physical and spiritual health and wellbeing of our congregations.

For the Churchwardens, PCC, Mandy Holloway and Jennie White.


St Peter & St Paul, Milton

Pray for our congregation and parish.

For Graham and Linda Herbert and the PCC.


St Peter and St Paul, Shorne

For our congregation and parish.

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst and the PCC


St Peter and St Paul, Swanscombe

Give thanks for our faith in God during these difficult times of the pandemic, that he never abandons us.

Ask for God’s help in dealing with all the restrictions and the isolation.

For Mark and Barbara Hurley, Jean Budgen and the PCC.


Gravesham Street and School Pastors

 As all Street, School and Prayer Pastors are forced to postpone their ministry due to the Coronavirus, please pray for them.  For Sam, Street Pastors’ Co-ordinator and Ruth, School Pastors’ Co-ordinator, and for the Management Team.