Deanery Prayers

Thanksgivings and Prayers

Gravesend Deanery

August and September 2020


Gravesend Deanery


 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,

present your requests to God. Philippians 4v6


We give thanks for all that we are learning, for all that God has done and for the fellowship and partnership that we have with him and each other in the gospel. Pray for all parishes, especially wardens and lay leaders where there are comings and goings of clergy. Pray for all the elements within the Deanery and Diocese that help to sustain our morale and mission. Pray for wisdom and guidance for all making strategic and practical decisions both nationally and in our local churches and all schools in our parishes, including Aletheia Trust. We pray for all school staff for rest in the holidays and wisdom in preparations for the new school year.

For Nigel Bourne in his role as Area Dean


St George’s School

For Steve Carey and all the staff, in whatever capacity; for students, parents and carers; for Chair of Governors, John Harding, and the Governors; for Trudi Oliver, School Chaplain. Pray for days of rest and refreshment after the stresses of so many weeks of virtual school. For those joining our school and for those moving on.


St Aidan, Gravesend

We pray for those preparing to be ordained deacon or priest this Michaelmas.

We pray for those returning to school, college and university.

We give thanks for our patron saint, Aidan of Lindisfarne:

Aidan declared the power of his God: Help us to tell of the battle already won. Aidan listened to his God and willingly obeyed: Help us to surrender our selfish will 

Aidan embraced humility and love for all: Help us to tell of the Passion of Christ.

We pray for an increase in vocations to the religious life; for the Diocese's ‘Life Together’ initiative and for the Anglican Ignatian Community Companions of Christ.

For Michael and Amy Payne and the PCC


All Saints, Perry Street

We pray for the gradual reopening of our churches, for the welfare and safety of all who attend or lead services, giving thanks for all who have supported us during this difficult time. We pray for the wardens and PCC as they meet with the Bishop to discuss our future. We pray for the souls of all the recently departed and ask for comfort for all who mourn.

For all priests, PCC and Wardens


Huggens College, Northfleet

We continue to be thankful for coming through the worst of the pandemic unscathed by the virus; activities have been able to continue, distanced and outside. Chapel worship has begun again; open to Collegians for Sunday worship and daily prayers.   Give thanks for all who have enabled College life to continue, the staff living onsite, outside deliveries of medicines, post, parcels and food.   For families now able to come in and visit loved ones. May our residual fears and anxieties begin to decrease as we all put our trust in God and His goodness. 

For Ian and Madeleine Finn


Holy Family, Gravesend

Give thanks for the apparent decline in virus cases and the easing of restrictions.

Give thanks for our return to public worship.

Prayers for those recently bereaved, some in tragic circumstances, and those unable to mourn as they expected.

For our schools as they return in September and for those starting anew school, college or those trying to find work.

For Richard and Gill Martin, Wardens and the PCC

St Margaret, Ifield  

Give thanks our fellowship, that we can worship  together and celebrate Holy Communion.

Pray for Richard Martin looking forward to a new Parish in November in Hardwicke, Gloucester.

For Richard and Gill Martin, Carey, Church Warden Chris Benson and the PCC


St Botolph, Northfleet

Give thanks for all God’s blessings in these past weeks; for our revised Sunday Eucharist Service at 9.30am from 2nd August. Pray for the person God is leading to be the priest of our parish.  Pray for schools, pupils and staff- for a well-deserved break until the new term. Pray for those who are isolated, sad or worried.

For Fr Cyril and Denneshia; Church Wardens Pauline and Wendy and the PCC
St Mark, Rosherville

We give thanks and pray for Fr Cyril and Marion who continue to minister to our church family and the wider community.  We give thanks and pray for our Church Warden Steve and the PCC who continue to administer our churches and make decisions in these difficult times.  We pray for our church family and look forward to a time when we can all meet and pray together again.

For Fr Cyril and Denneshia; Church Warden Steve and the PCC

Christ Church, Milton

As churches are beginning to re-open we give thanks for being able to come again into God's house and ask for his leading as we look to the future. 

Give thanks for our wardens, Jan and Lucy, their care of the church during the lock down period and for making  it safe to enable  worship to take place once again.

As we continue to be in a time of vacancy, pray for the person who is being called by God to be our new vicar.

Jacqueline Littlewood, Wardens and the PCC


St George, Gravesend

We pray for the people, ministry team and PCC as we continue to work through this pandemic crisis, especially as many shops, businesses and schools in our community reopen.  We pray for the safety of Places of Worship reopening and the many different guidelines that need to be followed.  We pray for those in isolation and worried about returning to places they would usually visit. 

Lord, we pray for families over this summer break knowing that many of the usual children’s activities will not be able to happen, that families can grow during the time they can spend together.  Bless those  hit by job losses, financial worries and family breakdown.  For the homeless and for ‘Sanctuary’. For the continued love and care of our local doctors, NHS and care workers.  We pray a ‘second spike’ of the virus won’t occur and a sense of calm can be felt in our community.  Lord, hold us close at this time

Jim and Sarah Fletcher, the PCC, Ministry Team and newly formed Vision Team


St Mary, Chalk

Give thanks for the fall in cases of Covid-19, may they continue to remain low.

Give thanks that we have been able to hold some simple Sunday services.

Pray for all church members and their spiritual needs; for wisdom and strength in our church leadership, for Vicar, Wardens and Lay Leaders. Pray for children and young people needing to know Jesus as friend and guide.

Pray regarding the possibility of opening the Parish Hall and reaching out to the parish.

For Nigel & Sue Bourne and the PCC


St Mary, Wrotham Road

We pray for all who are still suffering the results of Covid19 and we offer our prayers for their families.

We give thanks that we can now return to our Churches and worship together, and serve and witness to the wider community, as we did during lock down

Give thanks for all the hard work by our Clergy & Lay, streamlining services and keeping the congregations informed

Pray for the coming Summer, for all that will go on in our Churches and in our Parishes

We pray for the Churches in an interregnum 

For Trudi and Shaun Oliver and the PCC


St Mary, Greenhithe

We give thanks for those who applied for the position of Priest in Charge to the parishes of Greenhithe and Swanscombe and the interviews being held on 24th July.  

Please pray for the one appointed, in all they now need to do, and pray for the future ministry of those who were not selected.  

Thank God for the local people helped with food parcels during lockdown, through the ministry of ‘Mary’s Child’ and pray for continued resources and enabling for the team as long as the need remains.  

For the Churchwardens, PCC, Mandy Holloway and Jennie White.


St Peter & St Paul, Milton

Give thanks for return of corporate worship, and for the

anticipated re-starting of all our groups, especially youth groups.

For our churchwardens Ian and Sarah.

For Graham and Linda Herbert and the PCC.


St Peter and St Paul, Shorne

For our congregation and parish and for all that is planned for August and September

For Ted and Sylvie Hurst and the PCC


St Peter and St Paul, Swanscombe

Ask for God’s help to deal with the ongoing pandemic.

Pray that Mark and Barbara have a good move and settle in well to their new church and parish.

For God’s help during the Interregnum, for his guiding in all that is said and done in his name.

For Mark and Barbara Hurley, Jean Budgen and the PCC.



Gravesham Street and School Pastors

At home prayer pastors. Let us praise God for our ‘at home’ family of intercessors.

Street and School Pastors and their families.  Pray that they do not lose enthusiasm during this time.  The questions lying ahead for the SP committee will involve how often, team numbers and what hours our Street Pastor teams will be asked to go out and for the way forward for School Pastors. Much wisdom is needed.

For Sam, Street Pastors’ Co-ordinator and Ruth, School Pastors’ Co-ordinator, and for the Management Team.