There are four  different  Mass settings, or Rites, that we use here at Perry Street, each setting is used for a certain section of the liturgical year. All Rites consist of a sung Kyrie, Gloria, Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, Sursum Corda, Sanctus and Benedictus, Threefold Amen (Rite C), Eucharistic Acclamation and Agnus Dei. All of which is lead by the Choir.


Rite A, we use a version of the 'Peoples Mass' which has been rearranged for us by Norman Warren. This setting is used during Ordinary Time.

Rite B, the Saint Thomas Mass setting, is used during Lent and Advent.

Rite C, the Gathering Mass setting, is used for all festivals and feast days such as Midnight Mass, Christmas Day and Easter Day.

We also use the Walsingham Mass setting for Festivals of Our Lady.


As well as singing various Mass Settings we also sing a variety of traditional and modern hymns from the Hymns Old & New, New Anglican Edition' hymn book.   We also sing Taize meditations and Anthems.



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